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Photo by Kevin Remington

About Stephen


Stephen was born and raised in Michigan's Lower Peninsula - right in the middle of the mitten, in a little town called Hope.  He grew up in a loving family, playing in the back yard, riding his bike down the dirt road to buy candy, and watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.


His family was always active - his father worked in the financial industry through his own insurance agency, and his mom worked as a paralegal in one of the nearby town's top real estate law offices.  The Lind family was always active in their local church, Stephen serving as the pianist from the young age of 12.  His faith remains a key part of who he is today.


Early in his life, Stephen was blessed with a number of opportunities to travel - with his father on business trips, on many family vacations across the country, and to Germany as a high school exchange student.  When he ventured off to college in Lynchburg, Virginia, he continued to travel regularly with Liberty University's competitive debate team where he won many awards. Stephen was taught by presidential debate coach Brett O'Donnell, and in his junior year, he and his debate partner were finalists at the American Debate Association's national varsity championship.


Earning a master's degree at the University of Illinois and a doctorate at Clemson University, Stephen has been able to draw on these interests to provide insights and enjoyment as he researches.  He speaks regularly at national conferences and travels to conduct interviews and archival searches.  He continues to make time, though, to spend quality time outdoors at an amusement park or cultural event, balancing out most days with some quality time in front of the television.  

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